Quality first

You might have observed our select range of plugins. This approach is deliberate. We dedicate significant effort to refining our plugins, ensuring they remain unparalleled in the market.

Optimized for speed

Acknowledging that your website utilizes numerous plugins, we prioritize designing ours to be both swift and efficient, ensuring your site's performance is optimized.

Timely support

We are committed to providing support with a swift turnaround time because we understand the importance of having a reliable partner you can trust.

DiviEpic is a venture of PlugPress Co., a dynamic team of WordPress experts dedicated to crafting top-notch Divi plugins. Founded by Fahim Reza as a passion project, it quickly filled a niche with the launch of Divi Torque Lite, a free Divi module plugin initially named Divi Addons. In 2024, DiviPeople merged with Divi Torque, rebranding our collective efforts as Divi Epic.

Thanks to its outstanding growth and popularity, it’s now the top-rated plugin in the Divi community.