Instagram Carousel

I) Requirements


III) Facebook’s Off-Facebook Activity Settings

IV) Generate Token

V) Token Integration

VI) Insert the Instagram Carousel module

VII) Responsive Settings 

I) Requirements

1) WordPress Version: 6.3 or higher

2) PHP Version: 7.4 or higher

3) Divi Theme or Divi Builder 

4) Facebook Account

5) Facebook Developers Account

6) Public Instagram Account


1) Facebook: 

2) Facebook Developers Account: 

3) Instagram: 

III) Facebook’s Off-Facebook Activity Settings

1) Go to and login to your account

2) Settings & privacy > Click on Settings

3) Off-Facebook activity

4) Manage future activity > Select Connect future activity > Click on Confirm

Or you can follow this: Managing Facebook’s Off-Facebook Activity Settings

IV) Generate Token

Step 1: Same Browser 

Open your Facebook Account, Instagram Account, and Facebook Developers account on the same browser. 

Step 2: Facebook Developers Account
a) Go to Facebook Developers Account:

b) Click “Get Started” and open a Facebook Developers account

Step 3: Create App

a) Click “Create App” 

b) What do you want your app to do? select “Other” and click “Next”

c) Select an app type: select  “Consumer”

d) Click the “Next” button

e) Add an app name: Give any name, e.g. newToken001

f) Click the “Create app” button

g) Insert your password and click submit

Step 4: Add Your Website

a) App Settings > Basic > Add Platform 

b) Then select the “Website” option and click “Next”

c) On the ‘Site URL” field, add your website URL and click “Save Changes” 

Step 5: Set Up the Instagram Basic Display

a) Add Product > Instagram Basic Display > Set Up

b) Create New App > Create app

c) Instagram Basic Display > Basic Display 

Valid OAuth Redirect URIs: YOUR WEBSITE URL


Data Deletion Requests: YOUR WEBSITE URL 

Click “Save changes”

NOTE: Must keep https:// on the URL.

Step 6: Add Instagram Account

a) App roles > Roles > Add People 

b) Instagram Tester > Your Instagram Username  > Select Your account > Add

c) Go to your Instagram account 

d) Option > Apps and Websites >

Step 7: Generate Token 

a) Instagram Basic Display > Basic Display > Generate Token 

b) The Instagram Login window will appear.  Insert username and password and Log in  

C) Now Click “Allow”

d) Tik mark  “I Understand” and copy the token 

V) Insert the Instagram Carousel module

Step 1:

Go to the page and click Enable Visual Builder. Click Add new section and choose the row.

Step 2:

Click (+) icon “Add new module”, then “Insert module” will appear. From this section go to the search bar and search “Instagram Carousel”. Select “Instagram Carousel”.

Step 3:

Go to the Content Tab. Click the “Instagram Carousel” toggle and input the token on the “Access Token” field. 

Step 4:

After that, a layout will automatically appear. In the setting section, you will find three different tabs Content, Design, and Advanced. Choose your content, elements, and layouts from this setting section. 

Step 4:

Go to the Design tab from the settings section and customize your content and elements.

VI) Responsive Settings 

  1. Content > Carousel Settings
  2. Slides to Show > Click “Responsive Icon” (e.g. a smartphone icon).
  3. Set the value for each of the Devices.