Twitter Feed

Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

As you already know, after taking over Twitter (now X), Elon Musk brought massive changes to Twitter Policy. Many free services are no longer available on Twitter (now X).

After adding this Twitter module, you might see this message 

“You currently have access to a subset of Twitter API v2 endpoints and limited v1.1 endpoints (e.g. media post, oauth) only. If you need access to this endpoint, you may need a different access level. You can learn more here:

You are seeing this message because, by default, “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” by DiviEpic already reached the endpoint. Screenshot:

So, you already understand this issue is not associated with our module and plugin.

But if you “Sign Up for New Account,” you may get your “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” for a limited number of Tweets. And our module will work after inserting the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret.”

Also, if you “Subscribe to Pro” and get your own “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret,” then our Twitter modules will work as well. Screenshot:

Add Twitter Feed module

Step 1:

Go to the page and click Enable Visual Builder. Click Add new section and choose the row.

Step 2:

Click (+) icon “Add new module”, then “Insert module” will appear. From this section go to the search bar and search “ Twitter Feed ”. Select “ Twitter Feed”.

Step 3:

  1. Go to the content tab
  2. Click the Twitter Feed toggle
  3. Insert “User Name”, “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” on each input field.

Responsive Settings 

  1. Content > Carousel Settings
  2. Slides to Show > Click “Responsive Icon” (e.g. a smartphone icon).
  3. Set the value for each of the Devices.