Wireframe and UI Kit

You can make your websites within minutes with a few clicks; wireframe and UI Kit makes it possible!  You can choose from 43  premade sections in 12 required categories.

12 Section Categories
  1. Hero
  2. Header
  3. Feature
  4. CTA
  5. Client
  6. Contact
  7. Testimonial
  8. Team
  9. Pricing
  10. Newsletter
  11. FAQ
  12. Footer
Insert Wireframe using Divi Library

Please follow these procedures one by one:

Step 1: Download Wireframe and UI Kit

After installing and activating Divi Torque Pro,

i) Go to the WordPress dashboard.

ii) Click the Divitorque from the Menu.

iii) Click the “Wireframe Kits” button.

iv) ZIP file will be automatically downloaded. 

Step 2: Extract Zip File

i) You Must need to extract the zip file first. 

ii) You will find JSON format files.

Step 3: Import Section

I) Go to the WordPress dashboard.

ii) Click the Divi from the Menu.

iii) Click “Divi Library”


iv) Click “Import & Export.” 

v) Click “Import” then Click “CHOOSE FILE”

vi) Select the JSON file that you want to import. 

vii) After selecting the file click “Import Divi Builder Layouts.”

viii) After the upload, you should reload the page.

Step 6: Uploading Section from Library to page

i) Go to the page where you need to upload the layout from UI Kit. 

ii) Enable Visual Builder. Click the “Add new Section” 

iii) Click “Add From Library”

iv) Select the wireframe that you want to use. 

v) Premade section will appear like this.