Team Module

A perfect module to show your leading team in various styles using texts, images, and social links.

Inserting the Team Module
Step 1:

Go to the page and click Enable Visual Builder. Click Add new section and choose the row.

Step 2:

Click (+) icon “Add new module”, then “Insert module” will be appeared. From this section go to the search bar and search “Torq Team”. Select Torq Team”.

Step 3:

After that, a layout will automatically appear. In the setting section, you will find three different tabs Content, Design, and Advanced. Choose your content, elements, and layouts from this setting section. 

Step 4:

From the setting section, go to the Design tab and customize your content and elements.

Settings and Options

Following the Content and Design tab, all necessary elements are described.

Content Tab



Upload an image of the team member, or type in the URL to the image you would like to display for the team member.

Open Photo in Lightbox

Decide open photo in lightbox or not.

Photo Alt Text

Define the HTML ALT text for your image here.

Member Name

Team member name.

Job Title

The job title or position of the team member.

Member Bio

Short biography of the team member.

Social Link

Website URL

Website URL of the team member.

Email Address

Email address of the team member.

Facebook URL

Facebook profile or page URL of the team member.

Twitter URL

Twitter account URL of the team member.

Instagram URL

Instagram account URL of the team member.

LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn profile URL of the team member.

Github URL

Github profile URL of the team member.

Behance URL

Behance profile URL of the team member.

Dribbble URL

Dribbble account URL of the team member.


Show Content on Hover

Enable to visualize the content during hover.

Content Hover Animation

Choose animation type during the hover.

Hover Animation Speed

Set the time for the hover animation speed.

Social Links Hover Position

Select where you want to put social links icons during the hover.

Design Tab

Content Alignment

Align content to the left, right or center.

Content Padding

Padding adds extra space to the inside of the element, increasing the distance between the edge of the element and its inner content.


Use Absolute Photo Position

If enabled the photo will be in absolute position according to its parent.

Photo Position

Select the placement of the photo.

  • Left Top
  • Left Bottom
  • Right Top
  • Right Bottom

Photo Offset X

Set horizontal absolute position value of the photo.

Photo Offset Y

Set vertical absolute position value of the photo.

Photo Width

Increase or decrease the width of member photo.

Photo Height

Increase or decrease the height of member photo.

Photo Alignment

Align photo to the left, right or center.

Photo Hover Animation

Select photo mouse hover animation.

Social Links

Icon Color

Here you can define a custom color for your icon.


Here you can define a custom Background color for your icon.

Spacing Between

Set how much space between social icons.

Top Spacing

Set how much space the icons will take from the top.


Increase or decrease social icons box height.


Increase or decrease social icons box width.

Icon Size

Control the size of the icon by increasing or decreasing the font size.

Border Radius

Here you can control the corner radius of social icons.


Spacing Bottom

Set how much space the element will take at the bott